Goals Motivation

Goals Motivation is a Powerful Motivation Tool focused on productivity.

Step 1: Dreams into Achievable Goal.
Step 2: Effective Actions.
Step 3: Committed.
Step 4: Daily Improvements.

Do you have any BIG dream…
…any really Big wish…
…difficult to approach?…

…Not any more!
Your Big or Complex Goals can be broken down into smaller and easier pieces.
This would allow to build a better strategy.
Your goals can be categorized and prioritized according to your requirements and your needs.

Because, Goals without actions are still only formalized dreams, your Daily Action are placed next to your goal list.

Your Task list is synchronized with the Widget, which can be placed on Your Home Screen.

This application brings a notification list to the game.
You can setup android notifications and push your productivity even further by firing reminders at specified time.

Available only on Android.

Available in Google Play

Goals Motivation box
Goals Motivation is a free fat version without any limitations.


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